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  • About Mountaineer Consulting:

    Contact Information:
    Jeff Pellegrin
    P.O. Box 24801
    Tempe, AZ 85285-4801
    Voice: 480.753.0140
    FAX: 480.753.0142

    Business Description:
    AM/FM, GIS, CAD Consulting

        Mountaineer Consulting was formed in November 1995 and became an Arizona corporation on February 1, 1996. We have experience in both the utility and municipal arenas. Our consultants have worked on a variety of platforms and with many different programming languages. Our staff has experience in all facets of AM/FM/GIS/CAD projects from initial needs assessment and feasibility study through system design, development, and implementation to end-user training on the system. We are able to learn quickly and adapt well to differences in development environment. Our consultants communicate effectively and build good relationships with our clients.

    Business Focus:

        The focus of the business has been on custom application development. We enjoy solving real business problems in creative ways using AM/FM, GIS, and CAD technologies. We do not limit ourselves to certain platforms. We believe that what's important are the technological principles and methods that we employ, not the tools we use. The tools that we use are, and should be, constantly changing. Our business is to master these tools as they evolve and to apply them to enterprise-wide solutions.

    Services Offered:

    Mountaineer Consulting specializes in the following services:

    • Needs Assessment
    • Feasibility Study
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Functional Specification
    • GIS Platform Selection Decision Support
    • Hardware Platform and Peripheral Selection Decision Support
    • System Design
    • Data Modeling
    • Application Development
    • Spatial Data Translation
    • System Integration
    • Training and Technology Transfer

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